Downtown Austin Party Bus

Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin has way too many options for one Party Bus website to list but we’ll do our best!!!

Austin Party Bus Rental provides transportation all around Downtown Austin, which can best be broken down into 4 different sections depending on what kind of nightlife you’re looking for: 6th Street, West 6th, Rainey Street and East 6th. Here’s a breakdown for your Downtown Austin Party Bus:

6th Street

The original party destination for anyone looking for a food time in the live music capitol of the world. Affectionately known as “dirty 6th”, this street is where you go if you’re looking to have a wild night!!! We’d recommend check out Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, Shakespeare’s, Maggie Mae’s and the Blind Pig Pub!!

Here’s a few our favorite places on 6th street:

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar is a one-of-a-kind live entertainment experience where everyone who walks through the door gets to feel what it’s like to be a rock star. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to jam your heart to your favorite songs performed on pianos, guitars, and more.

+1 (512) 472-7383

Maggie Mae’s

Maggie Mae’s, established in 1978, is the epitome of all things Austin. With over 15,000 square feet of event space, 7 bars, 3 stages, multiple floors, a max capacity of 1,000 guests and a location that is steps from the convention center and numerous prominent downtown hotels… This is Austin’s most iconic and premier destination.

+1 (512) 478-8541

Blind Pig Pub

The Blind Pig Pub has been a landmark on the infamous 6th Street in Austin, Texas for over 15 years. Located in the heart of 6th Street, it boasts the largest rooftop deck on 6th with amazing views of the Austin skyline, 19″ flat screens for games & live music 365 days a year!  

+1 (512) 369-3358

West 6th

On the western part of downtown, West 6th is home to more of an upscale entertainment experience than what you’ll find on dirty 6th. Don’t let that fool you though!! West 6th is home to a great combination of night clubs/bars like Dogwood, Green Light Social, Bufords and Rio!!

Here’s a few of our favorite spots on West 6th:


An unprecedented nightlife concept on West 6th in Austin.

+1 (512) 436-8464

The Dogwood

The Dogwood is a “homegrown” concept with a small touch of southern hospitality. Being from the south, as well as the Dogwood being our grandmother’s favorite tree, we figured the iconic tree would be a perfect logo to showcase our “outdoor entertaining” concept throughout the bar. Natural stone and wood run throughout the spacious interior and brings you through floor to ceiling walk-throughs into gorgeous open-air patios. The overall concept brings you to that back-home feeling among family and friends.

+1 (512) 531-9062

Green Light Social

Grab your favorite shoes. Grab a friend. And a friend’s friend. Grab the girls and some cocktails. Grab a brew. Grab the night by the horns. Grab the memories at Green Light, West 6th Street’s premier party place. From craft cocktails to speakeasy sophistication, Green Light offers patrons a level of accessible exclusivity unmatched anywhere else in Austin. Watch the sunset from our rooftop patio, or let the night fade away on our dance floor. Doesn’t matter what you’re looking for—everyone leaves Green Light feeling lucky.

+1 (512) 595-3885

Rainey Street

rainey street austin

Just south of 6th street, you’ll find a unique combination of bars called Rainey Street!! Years ago, developers began buying land in downtown Austin. One homeowner decided to turn his house into a bar and Rainey street was born!! This is a more chill place to hang out in downtown Austin. Be sure to check out Lucille, Icenhauers, Lustre Pearl, Bungalow and Craft Pride

Here’s some of our favorite chill spots on Rainey:

Lucille Patio Lounge

is a charming bar with a large shaded, dog-friendly patio; We’re located in the heart of Austin on Rainey Street with two full-service bars, one inside and one out. The lush patio features classic outdoor games, shade, and hammocks for your relaxing pleasure. Leashed dogs get water, plenty of pats and a cool concrete napping spot.

+1 (512) 322-9270


Icenhauer’s is located in a renovated house at 83 Rainey Street. Originally built in 1895 as a traditional “wing and gable” house, it remained a family residence until 2009. Over the years, it was owned by several different families and, unfortunately, had fallen into severe disrepair. But — like several other homes on the block — it now has a new life.

+1 (512) 473-0005

Lustre Pearl

It’s a new world on Rainey Street and Lustre Pearl knows how to move! We know that some of you will be visiting Lustre Pearl for the first time, and others have known her since the beginning when she was 97 Rainey Street. The beginning started across the street, which is to say Lustre Pearl likes to try new things—she’s got a new address. Lustre Pearl is Lustre Pearl, the same lovely lady just with a new kind of sparkle. Hula hoops, ping-pong tables, great drinks, friendly service, and a beauty you can’t ignore, traits she always had and always will. Sure, she’s changed a little. She gets bored sometimes and likes to switch things up. That’s the fun and the beauty of it. Welcome Home!

+1 (512) 469-0400

East 6th

This is the “hipster hangout” part of downtown Austin where some of the city’s coolest bars and nightclubs are located. On any given night you’ll find a great variety of live music and unique cocktails on East 6th. Be sure to check out Drop Kick, Whislers, Zilker Brewing Company, The Grackle and Yellow Jacket Social Club.

Here’s some great “hipster hangouts” on East 6th:


A cocktail bar in East Austin home to the most unique drinks you’ll find in the live music Capitol of the world!!

+1 (512) 480-0781

Zilker Brewing Company

Our industrial taproom is nestled in the heart of the brewery with every aspect of our process on display. It’s here we’ve created a community focused experience, with urban family sized tables, drink, food, conversation, art, and music as the foundation. Our brewers take a collaborative approach to bring new techniques, ingredients and styles to the table and keep our seasonal selection fresh. Our high standards for every pint served starts with quality control and cleanliness, but most importantly our success has come from the curiosity and passion we put into our craft. Cheers!

+1 (512) 712-5590

The Grackle

Lots of Whiskey, big draft selection, cover patio, darts and pool. Welcoming all since 2011

+1 (512) 520-8148

Austin Party Bus Rental Pricing and Policies

Prices are good for pickup within 25 miles out downtown Austin. Pickup outside of this range may in-cure additional fees. The time starts when we pick you up and ends when we drop off. Additional hours are $250.00 per hour but are at the discretion of your driver.

We require a $100 deposit to reserve a bus.

The deposit is non-refundable when you book the trip because if you reserve that specific time and reserve the bus we will no longer be able to sell that time slot if you cancel. We will of course work with you if possible!! If you have chosen to only pay the deposit, the remaining balance due will be automatically charged to your credit card 7 days prior to the date of your trip. Your rental period starts at the reserved time (when the bus arrives at your designated location to pick up passengers) and ends when we drop you off at that same location.

We provide cups, bottled water and ice in our built-in coolers!! You can bring whatever drinks (yes alcohol is allowed) and food that you’d like for your trip. Personal coolers are also welcome!!

20% gratuity is added to all trips.

Booking Fees may apply when booking online.

Weekend (Friday + Saturday)

  • 15 Passenger Party Bus $150.00 per hour + 20% Gratuity
  • 20 Passenger Party Bus $160.00 per hour + 20% Gratuity
  • 25 Passenger Party Bus $165.00 per hour + 20% Gratuity
  • 50 Passenger (Two Party Buses) $330.00 per hour + 20% Gratuity

Weekday (Sunday-Thursday)

  • 15 Passenger Party Bus $125.00 per hour + 20% Gratuity
  • 20 Passenger Party Bus $125.00 per hour + 20% Gratuity
  • 25 Passenger Party Bus $125.00 per hour + 20% Gratuity
  • 50 Passenger (Two Party Buses) $250.00 per hour + 20% Gratuity

For more information visit our pricing page

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