Fredericksburg Winery and Brewery Tours

Fredericksburg Winery and Brewery Tours

Fredericksburg is home to some of the best wineries in the south!! The history of these wineries and breweries goes back generations and feature some of the best wines and beers you’ll find!!!

Austin Party Bus Rental will take you on an adventure through the scenic Texas hill country so you can experience the many award-winning wineries and breweries in and around Fredericksburg.

The town of Fredericksburg is a little far south from Austin (about an hour each way) but the amazing wine, beer and food is well with the trip!! Fredericksburg has a rich history of making wines and brewing beer!!

It is home to some incredible wineries like Barron’s Creek Vineyards, William Chris Winery and Fat Ass Winery and Ranch along with amazing breweries like Altstadt Brewing and Fredericksburg Brewing Company.

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Here’s some of our favorite spots in Fredericksburg:

Fat Ass Winery and Ranch

It all started several years ago when we got married and found that perfect Texas hill country ranch. Those three square meals a day sure were good. It wasn’t long before we noticed our britches were fitting tighter. Even our ol’ranch dog was gaining weight and having a heck of a time jumping into the back of the pickup. One day when we were out feeding horses, we noticed our donkey Jackson, was as big as some of the horses! That’s when we looked at each other and decided that we lived on the Fat Ass Ranch.


Altstadt Brewery

Altstadt Brewery, located in the heart of Fredericksburg, Texas, prides itself on their award winning German-Style beers and their state-of-the-art Brewery. Altstadt blends the latest in brewing technology with traditional German brewing practices, and as a result, produces world-class,

locally made beers…

only brewed right here in Fredericksburg, Texas.

(830) 304-2337

Barron’s Creek Vineyards

Our philosophy at Baron’s Creek is to bring you small lots of very fine wine from the best vineyards. We source our grapes from specialty growers throughout Texas, Washington, California and Spain. Whenever possible, we like to ferment as close to the vineyards as possible.

We partner with different vintners who ferment according to protocols set up by our winemaker, Russell Smith. This ensures consistent quality for all of our wines.

(830) 304-3000

Fredericksburg Brewing Company

We began our operation in 1994, within months of the passage of legislation allowing brewpub operation in the great state of Texas. We found a public eagerly awaiting the enjoyment of our cold, freshly brewed beers. Long before the craft beer craze we were cranking out delicious award winning brews. As the oldest operating brewpub in the state, you could call us the “granddaddy” of brewpubs in Texas. We are located on Main Street Fredericksburg, Texas. In our fair little town, sidewalk consumption is allowed; you can take our cold craft brews on a sidewalk stroll down Main, fill a growler to take home or sit down with us and enjoy a brew paired with lunch or dinner… whatever suits your fancy. Our Brewpub serves German fare, pizza, burgers, salads and everything in between.   The Brewery sits in a restored 1890s era building. In addition to its main room, the brewery has a large, air-conditioned biergarten. The second floor of the building provides “Bed & Brew” guest rooms, 12 rooms (one on ground level), each decorated in a different theme. We hope you’ll join us soon. 


William Chris Vineyards

What began as an acquaintance as winemakers in the Hill Country became a collaboration between Bill and Chris, focusing on a shared winemaking philosophy. As the word ‘winegrowers’ implies, Bill and Chris agree that great wines are not made but grown. They also believe that wine should be inspired by the pleasure that is shared with an extended community of friends and family. The creation of each new vintage depends greatly upon these two priorities. Today, Bill and Chris continue to reach for a level of quality that represents the very best of Texas in each new vintage. It is with confidence in their process and pride in their families, community, and this special place, that they inscribe each bottle of William Chris with this greeting: we are pleased to share a piece of our world.


Austin Party Bus Rental Fredericksburg Winery and Brewery Tour Pricing and Policies

We have a 7-hour minimum for trips to Fredericksburg. Pickup must be within 25 miles of downtown Austin. Pickup must be after 9:30am and before 11:00am. Buses must leave Fredericksburg by 6:00pm (most venues close at 6:00pm). Additional hours are $250.00 per hour but are at the discretion of your driver.

We require a $100 deposit to reserve a bus.

The deposit is non-refundable when you book the trip because if you reserve that specific time and reserve the bus we will no longer be able to sell that time slot if you cancel. We will of course work with you if possible!! If you have chosen to only pay the deposit, the remaining balance due will be automatically charged to your credit card 7 days prior to the date of your trip. Your rental period starts at the reserved time (when the bus arrives at your designated location to pick up passengers) and ends when we drop you off at that same location.

Austin Party Bus provides transportation only (tasting fees not included). You set the route and we take you to as many locations as we can in the allotted time!! (Please reach out to venues as you plan your trip)

We provide cups, bottled water and ice in our built-in coolers!! You can bring whatever drinks (yes alcohol is allowed) and food that you’d like for your trip. Personal coolers are also welcome!!

20% gratuity is added to all trips.

Booking Fees may apply when booking online.

15 Passenger Party Bus

  • Friday – Saturday: $1050.00 + 20% Gratuity ($84.00 per person)
  • Sunday – Thursday: $875.00 + 20% Gratuity ($43.75 per person)

20 Passenger Party Bus

  • Friday – Saturday: $1120.00 + 20% Gratuity ($67.20 per person)
  • Sunday – Thursday: $875.00 + 20% Gratuity ($43.75 per person)

25 Passenger Party Bus

  • Friday – Saturday: $1150.00 + 20% Gratuity ($57.76 per person)
  • Sunday – Thursday: $875.00 + 20% Gratuity ($43.75 per person)

50 Passenger (Two Party Buses)

  • Friday – Saturday: $2310.00 + 20% Gratuity ($55.44 per person)
  • Sunday – Thursday: $1750.00 + 20% Gratuity ($42.00 per person)

For more information on our pricing, visit our pricing page

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