Texas Hill Country Winery, Brewery and Distillery Tours

Texas Hill Country Winery, Brewery and Distillery Tours

Driftwood, Dripping Springs, Spicewood and Marble Falls are home to some of the fastest growing breweries and wineries in Central Texas. New Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries are constantly popping up in the Texas Hill Country!!

Whether you’re planning a bachelorette party, bachelor party, birthday party, company outing or just looking for a good time with friends, Austin Party Bus has you covered for trips out to Driftwood, Dripping Springs, Spicewood and Marble Falls!!

The locations out on this side of town are constantly changing but here are some of our favorite wineries, distilleries and breweries!!!

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Texas Hill Country Wine Tours

Solaro Estate Wineries

Solaro’s wines begin with our terroir, our dedication to sustainable farming practices and our commitment to protection of its natural resources. Our vineyards are strategically located on ancient fossil bed, and expand high above the banks of Barton Creek, where the natural qualities of pure limestone filtered water, free draining soil, a constant breeze, dryness, hot sunny days and cool nights culminate in our proven micro viticultural area. ears of intensive planning have resulted in a winery designed an equipped for the exquisite limited production of Solaro Estate’s wines.

The production facility is built adjacent to the vineyards allowing for rapid transportation of the handpicked grapes to the winery during crush to maintain purity and freshness. After a gentle de-stemming process the must is quickly transferred into the waiting temperature controlled tanks for fermentation and then transferred into the finest oak barrels for aging in our cellar.



Duchman Winery

The Duchman Family Winery was founded in 2004 by Drs. Lisa and Stan Duchman in a quest to bring world-class winemaking to Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country. Their love of the unique Italian grape varieties as well as similar weather patterns to Texas inspired them to work with viticultural consultants and growers in the Texas High Plains AVA to produce grapes that would allow their winemakers, Dave Reilly and Mark Penna, to experiment with making wines like Vermentino, Sangiovese, and Dolcetto.

Duchman Family Winery remains one of the top wine destinations in Texas. Our facility was listed by HGTV as one of the 20 most picturesque wineries in the country. All of the winery’s current releases can be sampled and purchased at the winery’s tasting room and the estate’s beautiful grounds are open to visitors. Pick a spot at one of the oak shaded picnic tables, or grab a seat in the winery hallway with views of our production facilities and wine barrels.

+1 (512) 858-1470


Graveyard Vineyards

Graveyard Vineyards sits atop a picturesque hill on Estrella Road, above the historic Pleasant Valley Cemetery.  This landmark began back in the 1860’s, when the surrounding area of land was the town of Estrella and the original landowner donated an acre of his property for the new First Presbyterian Church. Once the church was built, the landowner’s wife passed away and was buried next to the church, creating the “graveyard”. Many town’s people followed suit until the church burnt down in 1896. Neither the town of Estrella nor the church lasted, but the little graveyard continues on to this day. It is now named The Pleasant Valley Cemetery and is cared for by community volunteers just as in the 1800’s.

Owners, Rob and Paula Campbell-Taylor, bought the beautiful hilltop property in 2003 when the Cabernet and Syrah vineyards were in their seventh leaf. Raising their two sons in an enriched country environment was foremost on their minds along with producing excellent quality grapes to sell to local wineries. Selling grapes however, lasted only one year. In 2004, they bonded as a winery and set their sights on bottling their own wines. The first bottling in 2006 was 184 cases. 

The early tastings were on the front porch of the house with events being held on the front lawn.

+1 (512) 858-0612


Texas Hill Country Brewery Tours

Ghost Note Brewery

Some have asked us, “What is a Ghost Note?”. Ghost Note is defined by Wikipedia as ‘a musical note with a rhythmic value, but no discernible pitch when played’. Drummers know it as the notes that are played very softly between the main notes. Though seemingly unnoticed to the listener, they fill out the beat and add greater dimension and depth to the music.

But Ghost Notes aren’t only in the music. To put it succinctly, we all sense the Ghost Notes — those gentle, intangible beats tapped out from countless sources, past and present, that quietly add texture and depth to our lives. These echoes of the past are more felt than heard — unnoticed when they are there, but noticed when they are not — like a summer breeze, or an inspiration.

In each of our unique journeys, those Ghost Note beats are with us. And when that journey moves through Texas, the notes can be as rich and diverse as the history and landscape itself. They are crafted from the time-tested lessons and adages of the past, forging new riffs into the future, culminating in their own distinct rhythm, inescapably linking the old with the new.

To the brewer, there are Ghost Notes amongst the water, the grains and the yeast, the wood and the steel, bringing their own story to each batch of beer. And in each sampling of the beer, these Ghost Notes speak faintly, imparting their own complexity and texture between the main notes. And when the notes blend together in synchronized harmony, the magic of a harmonious whole emerges.

They can be hard to pin down, these Ghost Notes; just be mindful of their existence.

+1 (512) 553-2870


Vista Brewery

Vista is a 21-acre destination brewery located just outside of Austin at the gateway to the Central Texas Wine Trail in Driftwood, TX. Our holistic approach to hyper-local food and beverages captures the beauty and bounty of the Texas Hill Country. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy acres of beer garden, live music and ranch views at Vista’s brewery, restaurant, private event spaces and farm.

+1 (512) 766-1842


Jester King Brewery

Jester King is a brewery, kitchen, farm & event hall on a beautiful 165 acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country. We make food & drink uniquely tied to a time, place & people. We’re a welcoming place for people of all ages to enjoy community, fun & hospitality in a very special setting.

+1 (512) 661-5736


Family Business Brewing Company

We are a family-owned brewery on 15 acres just outside Austin in Dripping Springs. Come relax in the hill country and enjoy a wide variety of hand-crafted beers and some of the world’s greatest pizza from our own food truck!

Bring your family and come meet ours! We are kid friendly, and even have a special place they can call their own. Check our social media accounts for updates on special gatherings and live music schedules.

+1 (512) 829-4202


Texas Hill Country Distillery Tours

Desert Door Texas Sotol

The desert door distillery is located in driftwood, TX, on the eastern edge of wild sotol country. Drop by and enlighten your palate. Your presence is welcome among us.

#1 craft distillery in America – USA today, 2019

Out of the shadows and into the glass, expert-guided tastings of our core offerings will help you to discover the alluring nuances of sotol. Craft cocktails, Eden West food truck, and curated goods are also available in our desert-modern tasting room, featuring a cozy fireplace, comfy couches, outdoor patio, live music, and games. All are welcome – including children and dogs.

+1 (512) 829-6129


Remington Family Distillery

You know how it is when your friends tell you over and over that something you make is so good you should sell it?

That’s pretty much us.

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2014 by cousins Peter Knight Remington and Mark Remington Koelsch,  Remington Family Distillers is the culmination of a whole bunch of paper work hoops to jump through and a desire to create and produce a premium liquors with you in mind.

We began with the core brand of premium coffee liquor called Caffe Del Fuego based on a recipe shared by an old Italian gentleman and friend named Vincent Perry. Vincent, being Italian, has a passion for all things food and drink and he consented to the use of the recipe with one rule for the fellas to follow when they were creating the brand and future products. Don’t screw it up!

+1 (512) 829-4020


Frog Pond Distillery

We’re a small batch, family owned distillery producing Gin and Vodka in pot stills. We host tastings, cocktails, tours and bottle sales at our distillery just east of Dripping Springs, TX on Highway 290.  Come by for a cocktail, sit on our porch, and watch the world go by.

+1 (512) 894-2206


Treaty Oak Distillery

Treaty Oak Distillery is named after the famous 500-year old tree in Austin, under which Stephen F. Austin signed agreements defining the borders of Texas. Our gins are called Waterloo, after the original name of Austin. We moved to Dripping Springs, a place with a rich history of gatherings and shared perspectives. 

In 2016, founder Daniel Barnes headed the expansion of Treaty Oak by moving Treaty Oak from North Austin to the 28-acre property in Dripping Springs, Texas, that is now home to amazing Texas barbeque, inspired craft cocktails, live music, and our ever expanding whiskey and gin production.

+1 (512) 400-4023


Austin Party Bus Rental Texas Hill Country Winery, Brewery and Distillery Tour Pricing and Policies

We have a 6-hour minimum for trips to Driftwood/Dripping Springs.

Prices are good for pickup within 25 miles out downtown Austin. Pickup outside of this range may in-cure additional fees. The time starts when we pick you up and ends when we drop off. Additional hours are $250.00 per hour but are at the discretion of your driver.

We require a $100 deposit to reserve a bus.

The deposit is non-refundable when you book the trip because if you reserve that specific time and reserve the bus we will no longer be able to sell that time slot if you cancel. We will of course work with you if possible!! If you have chosen to only pay the deposit, the remaining balance due will be automatically charged to your credit card 7 days prior to the date of your trip. Your rental period starts at the reserved time (when the bus arrives at your designated location to pick up passengers) and ends when we drop you off at that same location.

Austin Party Bus provides transportation only (tasting fees not included). You set the route and we take you to as many locations as we can in the allotted time!! (Please reach out to venues as you plan your trip)

We provide cups, bottled water and ice in our built-in coolers!! You can bring whatever drinks (yes alcohol is allowed) and food that you’d like for your trip. Personal coolers are also welcome!!

20% gratuity is added to all trips.

Booking Fees may apply when booking online.

15 Passenger Party Bus

  • Friday – Saturday: $900.00 + 20% Gratuity ($72.00 per person)
  • Sunday – Thursday: $750.00 + 20% Gratuity ($37.50 per person)

20 Passenger Party Bus

  • Friday – Saturday: $960.00 + 20% Gratuity ($57.60 per person)
  • Sunday – Thursday: $750.00 + 20% Gratuity ($37.50 per person)

25 Passenger Party Bus

  • Friday – Saturday: $990.00 + 20% Gratuity ($48.75 per person)
  • Sunday – Thursday: $750.00 + 20% Gratuity ($37.50 per person)

50 Passenger (Two Party Buses)

  • Friday – Saturday: $1980.00 + 20% Gratuity ($47.52 per person)
  • Sunday – Thursday: $1500.00 + 20% Gratuity ($36.00 per person)

For more information, visit our pricing page

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