Wurstfest Party Bus

Are you and you’re friends heading down Wurstfest?? Get there and back in style with Austin Party Bus Rental.

Since 1961, people from all over have been heading to Wurstfest for some authentic German beer and food. After taking nearly two years off because of the pandemic Wurstfest is back better than ever!!

If you need to get down south, Austin Party Bus Rental has you covered!!

The festival itself is operating from Friday, November 5th to Sunday, November 14th. 

The times and hours are:

Friday 11/5 4pm-11pm

Saturday 11/6 11am-Midnight 

Sunday 11/7 11am-10pm

Monday 11/8 5pm-10pm 

Tuesday 11/9 5pm-10pm

Wednesday 11/10 5pm-10pm

Thursday 11/11 5pm-10pm

Friday 11/12 5pm-11pm

Saturday 11/13 11am-Midnight 

Sunday 11/14 5pm-10pm

It’s $20 to get in, but free Monday through Thursday.

Everything at Wurstfest runs on cash!! They’ve got some ATMs on sight but make sure to bring some cash if you can!!

For trips down to Wurstfest give us a call at (512) 643-2595 or visit our website https://austinpartybusrental.com

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